Arthur R. Gonzales

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4000 N Classen Blvd. Suite 150 City of Oklahoma City, OK 73118 US

About Me

My focal purpose of this position is to provide direct mental health services to consumers seeking help in their daily lives. My background has provided me the tools and knowledge to embrace accountability and hold responsibility for providing leadership to others.



Currently provide individual & family therapy, group therapy, drug & alcohol treatment, and psycho-sexual treatment. I am confident that I can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing services to a broad range of clientele. I have had the pleasure to work under Dr. Richard Kishur, PhD. and Mike McPherson, LPC and have had extensive training with them as my mentors. These individuals are among some of the most renown providers in the state treating adolescents and adults with sexual dysfunction and sexual deviance.


Professional Licensure Coursework May 2011

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Master of Science in Behavioral Science May 2009

Cameron University

Bachelor of Science May 2007

Cameron University