ian o'calloghan

2284 N. Nugent Rd Lummi Island, WA 98262 US

About Me

I live on Lummi Island, part of the San Juan Islands in North Puget Sound. I have been fortunate in life, having a Father and Mother (they were young adults in Depression/WW2) that care and love me and my older brother. I wish to pay this good fortune forward. I have learned that relationships are the most important experience/memory I have. Creating positive relationships is key to a fulfilling life. How we see our-selves colors how we see the world around us. Past experiences do not need to define who we are. My goal is to improve every client's quality of life.



I have been Counseling Veterans and family members since 2006. I started with working with a small group of Vietnam Veterans known as the Bellingham Forward which I did until 2014 when the group disbanded. I have since worked with Veternan through American Legion Post 7 where I do both individual and group sessions. I assist Veterans and family members understand VA paperwork and assist with that as appropriate. I utilize a variety of counseling techniques ranging from cognitive, mindfullness, EMDR and when appropriate exposure.


I have Bachelors Degree in Marine Ecology from Western Washington University 1978; Maters of Adult Education from WWU 1987; Masters of Counseling from City U of Seattle 2006


  • Trauma and Abuse
  • Grief Counseling